Doug Stanhope - No Place Like Home (CD)

No Place Like Home
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In No Place Like Home, Doug Standhope tackles an abundance of hard-hitting issues, from caring for the mentally-ill, to Vietnam vets, being locked up abroad, and why everyone should kick like they kick.

1. 1st World Poverty
2. Locked Up Abroad
3. Hey ISIS, Get Off of My Lawn
4. Imagine the Beheading
5. Mentally Ill vs. Mentally Challenged
6. Free Range Crazies
7. 18 Years a Slave
8. The Euphemism Treadmill
9. What's Your Label?
10. Instant Karma
11. And You Wonder Why
12. TMZ is America's Bowel Cancer
13. All Apologies
14. The Late Robin Williams
15. Queer Showers
16. Born a Woman
17. Work Around the Hernia
18. Pukers
19. Cancer Vanity
20. Jager Toes
21. Vietnam Hats/Nightmares
22. We've Always Been Wrong
23. Kick Like You Kick