Shalamar - Friends (Deluxe) (CD)

Friends (Deluxe)
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In 1982, Shalamar released their seventh studio album, Friends. The record was a huge success, spawning a number of hit singles and becoming one of the UK'€™s biggest sellers of the year. This deluxe edition supplements the album with a bonus disc featuring 12 remixes, alternate mixes and more.

1. A Night To Remember
2. Don't Try To Change Me
3. Help Me
4. On Top Of The World
5. I Don't Want To Be The Last To Know
6. Friends
7. Playing To Win
8. I Just Stopped By Because I Had Too
9. There It Is
10. I Can Make You Feel Good
11. Talk To Me
12. Good Feelings
13. Sweeter As The Days Go By

1. A Night To Remember (1986 12 Inch M& Remix)
2. There It Is (1986 M& Instrumental Remix)
3. Friends (Extended Version)
4. I Can Make You Feel Good (UK 7 Inch Version)
5. A Night To Remember (UK 7 Inch Version)
6. There It Is (Single Version)
7. Help Me (Single Version)
8. Friends (Single Inch Version)
9. A Night To Remember (UK 12 Inch Remix)
10. There It Is (Extended Version)
11. Mega Mix A) A Night To Remember B) There It Is C) Over And Over D) A Night To Remember E) I Can Make
12. A Night To Remember (12 Inch M&M instrumental Mix)