Amadou a Mariam - Diananche a Bamako (LP)

Diananche a Bamako
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Released in 2005, Dimanche à Bamako is the fourth album by Malian duo Amadou & Mariam. Featuring, and produced by, French singer Manu Chao, the record is now being released on orange vinyl - the first time it's been available on the format.

1. M'Bifé
2. M'Bifé Balafon
3. Coulibaly
4. La Réalité
5. Sénégal Fast Food
6. Artistiya
7. La Fête au Village
8. Camions Sauvages
9. Beaux Dimanches
10. La Paix
11. Djanfa12."Taxi Bamako
13. Politic Amagni
14. Gnidjougouya
15. M'Bifé Blues