Cliff Richard - Just Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll (CD)

Just Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll
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Cliff Richard returns with his 101st album release! Recorded at the legendary Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, this 15-song collection features Cliff's favourite songs from the golden era of rock'n' roll. These include classics originally recorded by the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Bobby Darin, Phil & Don Everly, Sam Cooke and even John Lee Hooker. The album record with an Elvis Presley duet , titled Blue Suede Shoes, and ends with a brand new song, Its Better To Dream.

1. Blue Suede Shoes (feat. Elvis Presley)
2. Butterfly       
3. Sweet Little Sixteen       
4. She's Got It       
5. His Latest Flame       
6. Move It       
7. You Send Me       
8. Multiplication       
9. Roll Over Beethoven       
10. Dimples       
11. Great Balls of Fire / Whole Lotta Shakin'       
12. Memphis, Tennessee       
13. Cathy's Clown       
14. Keep a Knockin'       
15. It's Better to Dream