Public Service Broadcasting - Live at Brixton (CD/DVD) (CD)

Live at Brixton (CD/DVD)
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An ideal Christmas gift for fans, this new live package vividly captures Public Service Broadcasting'€™s sold out show at London'€™s Brixton Academy on 29 November 2015. Featuring an arena-level production crammed onto the Brixton stage, with a 13-piece choir, five-piece string section, expanded brass section, longer setlist, The Smoke Fairies guesting on Valentina, a surprise special guest, dancers, pyrotechnics and more! The DVD meanwhile supplements the performance with an audio commentary from the band and bonus features.

"€œWe first talked about the possibility of a live album and DVD a long while before Brixton, and I have to confess that I ruled it out almost immediately,"€ says frontman J. Willgoose, Esq. "€œI was persuaded over a few months, though, by both the reaction on the night - which was overwhelming - and of those who watched the stream as it went out live, that something special had occurred and it truly was worth documenting. Brixton had been a dream of mine ever since seeing the Manics there on their Everything Must Go tour many moons ago. Playing there as Public Service Broadcasting, and selling it out, was something I never even thought of as a possibility. It'€™s my favourite venue in the world and we wanted to make it a show to remember."

1. The Race For Space
2. Sputnik
3. Signal 30
4. Theme From PSB
5. Night Mail
6. London Can Take It
7. Valentina
8. Korolev
9. E.V.A.
10. If War Should Come
11. Spitfire
12. Lit Up
13. The Other Side
14. Go!
15. Tomorrow
16. Gagarin
17. Everest