Alex Izenberg - Harlequin (CD)

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Harlequin may be Alex Izenberg'€™s debut album proper, but it also marks the culmination of over five years of highly prolific writing and recording under a variety of pseudonyms.

The record is almost a study in distraction - a restless, feverish dream sequence which variously invokes Scott Walker'€™s obtuse, off kilter worlds of sound, Simon and Garfunkel'€™s psychedelic yet practical string arrangements, the vaudevillian pomp and preening of Wild Beasts'€™ early material and Grizzly Bear'€™s pastoral early steps. All this is cut through with moments of total silence, patches of noise, found sound and countless dynamic left turns and moments of non-sequitur.

1. The Farm
2. Grace
3. Libra
4. Archer
5. Hot Is The Fire
6. Changes
7. To Move On
8. A Bird Came Down
9. The Moon
10. Waltz Of The Roots
11. People