Alexander Armstrong - Upon a Different Shore (CD)

Upon a Different Shore
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Upon A Different Shore is a 16-track modern symphony enriched with breathtaking composition and arrangements that make Ralph Vaughan Williams and Stephen Sondheim work seamlessly with songs originally by Pink Floyd and Sting, among others.

Hot on the heels of 2015'€™s acclaimed debut album A Year Of Songs, Alexander Armstrong has carefully hand selected the track listing encompassing an eclectic mix with a few surprises, chosen because they would work in harmony. As well as tracks originated by Sting, The Stranglers, Pink Floyd, Stephen Sondheim and Kygo, the record also features traditional folk songs and classical compositions by Vaughn Williams and Caroline Dale, two of which feature oboe performed by Armstrong.

1. Upon a Different Shore       
2. MacArthur Park       
3. The Vagabond       
4. Long Ago Forgotten       
5. Fields of Gold       
6. Studies in English Folksong #2       
7. Scarborough Fair / Canticle       
8. Golden Brown       
9. Firestone       
10. Sunday       
11. Between the Sunset and the Sea       
12. Without a Song       
13. The Day Thou Gavest       
14. Hymn Song       
15. High Hopes       
16. The Parting Glass (Armstrong's Goodnight)