Aaron Lee Tasjan - Silver Tears (CD)

Silver Tears
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Silver Tears is a collection of songs offering a glimpse through the eyes of a gifted songwriter and versatile musician. His second solo LP, Silver Tears may, according to Tasjan, surprise people. "€œI didn'€™t completely abandon the recipe,"€ he says, "€œbut I really stretched myself and pushed beyond what people might expect from me. Being true as a musician, I'm not just one thing - and a variety of styles is a way to accomplish that."

1. Hard Life
2. Little Movies
3. Memphis Rain
4. Dime
5. Ready To Die
6. Refugee Blues
7. Till The Town Goes Dark
8. On Your Side
9. Success
10. Out Of My Mind
11. 12 Bar Blues
12. Where The Road Begins And Ends