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American Football
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A full 17 years on from their classic debut, Illinois emo legends American Football are finally preparing to unveil their self-titled sophomore. While the quartet split up shortly after their debut'€™s release, their cult of influence did exactly the opposite, as they gradually blossomed into one of America'€™s most revered indie rock bands.

The forthcoming record finds the band with new material that takes them on a serendipitous detour down a familiar road. It is replete with the swelling emotions that might be spurred on by locked away memories unearthed by a familiar scent or crack in the concrete, or the rush of warm apprehension when coming face to face with a lover left before the fire was close to going out.

1. Where Are We Now?
2. My Instincts Are The Enemy
3. Home Is Where The Haunt Is
4. Born To Lose
5. I’ve Been So Lost For So Long
6. Give Me The Gun
7. I Need A Drink (Or Two Or Three)
8. Desire Gets In The Way
10. Everyone Is Dressed Up