Agnes Obel - Citizen of Glass (LP)

Citizen of Glass
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Citizen of Glass is the stunning third album from Danish born singer-songwriter Agnes Obel. Recorded, mixed and produced in Berlin, the record is a work of haunting beauty and an expansion of her mesmerising world.

Its 10 tracks see her experiment with her vocals in inventive new ways, manipulating them into alternative versions of her own voice, as can be heard on first single Familiar. Obel also incorporates a number of different instruments, such as the Trautonium (an extremely rare instrument that possesses a glistening, glass-like sound), alongside vibraphone, cembalo, cellos and more.

1. Stretch Your Eyes
2. Familiar
3. Red Virgin Soil
4. It’s Happening Again
5. Stone
6. Trojan Horses
7. Citizen Of Glass
8. Golden Green
9. Grasshopper
10. Mary