Archive - Unrestricted (CD)

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Following excellent reviews for their latest album Restriction, released earlier this year, Archive are back with the aptly titled Unrestricted, an album which remixes the aforementioned release.

Since 1996 this dynamic collective, led by founding members Darius Keeler and Dan Griffiths, have remained almost stubbornly masters of their own destiny, preferring to inhabit their own world than ride prevailing trends. These remixes - from the likes of Van Rivers, Gaps and Becoming Real - stay true to that vision whilst taking the band'€™s music in intriguing new electronic and beat-oriented directions.

1. Feel It
2. Restriction
3. Kid Corner
4. End of Our Days
5. Third Quarter Storm
6. Half Built Houses
7. Riding in Squares
8. Ruination
9. Crushed
10. Black and Blue
11. Greater Goodbye
12. Ladders