The Handsome Family - Unseen (2CD - Indie Exclusive) (CD)

Unseen (2CD - Indie Exclusive)
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The Handsome Family's new album Unseen features 10 songs by a couple both world-famous and happily invisible. Each song on the record has a guiding colour - gold, silver, green, red, white. Rennie is also a painter known for her vivid and surprising use of colour, and she finds herself painting even when her brushes are made of words, with stories mostly inspired by real events.

Available exclusively through independent stores such as ourselves, this limited edition CD supplements the album with a bonus 'best of'€™ disc.

1. Gold
2. The Silver Light
3. Back In My Day
4. Tiny Tina
5. Underneath The Falls
6. The Sea Rose
7. The Red Door
8. Gentlemen
9. King Of Dust
10. Green Willow Valley

1. Weightless Again
2. So Much Wine
3. Cold, Cold, Cold
4. Far From Any Road
5. After We Shot The Grizzly
6. The Loneliness Of Magnets
7. Woodpecker