Anal Cunt - Morbid Florist (LP)

Morbid Florist
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Released in 1993, Morbid Florist was the debut album from notorious grind merchants Anal Cunt.

There'€™s no point in dressing this one up - chances are you'€™ll know what you'€™re in for. The record was described by critic Steve Huey as "barely listenable"€ upon its release, it'€™s not one to play (or indeed display!) before grandparents or infants!

1. Some Songs
2. Song #5
3. Chump Change
4. Slow Songs From Split 7"
5. Unbelievable
6. Siege
7. Grateful Dead
8. I Don't Wanna Dance
9. Even More Songs
10. Radio Hit
11. Some More Songs
12. Morrissey
13. Song #6
14. Guy Lombardo
15. Bonus Track