Alan Silvestri - Back to the Future Part III (LP)

Back to the Future Part III
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Back To The Future Part III takes Marty McFly and Doc Brown to the Wild West, and as they attempt to get back to 1985, Doc finally finds his density (sic) in a school teacher named Clara Clayton, who gives pause to the plan of finally getting back to the present, to destroy the infernal Time Machine that has caused them so much turmoil.

Part III is the sleeper of the trilogy soundtracks. Containing some of the best compositions of all of the three scores, the West inspired music brings to life some flourishes previously missing from the Trilogy: romantic, and truly cinematic, the Train sequence is Silvestri at his best.

1. Back to Back/Court House
2. Main Title
3. Into the Mine/Tombstone
4. Warmed Up
5. Indians (Film Version)
6. Safe and Sound
7. Hill Valley
8. The Hanging
9. We're Out of Gas
10. There Is No Bridge/Doc to the Rescue
11. At First Sight
12. Yellow
13. The Kiss
14. You Talkin' to Me?
15. The Future Isn't Written
16. Goodbye Clara
17. What's Up Doc/Marty Gallops/To the Future
18. Wake Up Juice
19. Callin' You Out/Count Off
20. The Showdown/The Kick
21. A Science Experiment? (The Train - Part I)
22. It's Clara (The Train - Part II)
23. Point of No Return (The Train - Part III)
24. It's Destroyed/Back to the Girlfriend/It Erased
25. Doc Returns
26. End Credits
27. Doubleback (Extended Version)