38 Special - 38 Special (CD)

38 Special
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Led by Donnie Van Zant - brother of Lynyrd Skynyrd'€™s Ronnie Van Zant - 38 Special were a Florida band in the vein of the Allman brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd themselves! Released in 1977, their eponymous debut album was produced by Dan Hartman, and ranks as something of a southern rock classic. It spawned two singles, Long Time Gone and Tell Everybody, with another highlight coming in the form of a revamp of Chuck Berry favourite, Around And Around.

1. Long Time Gone
2. Fly Away
3. Around and Around
4. Play A Simple Song
5. Gypsy Belle
6. Four Wheels
7. Tell Everybody
8. Just Hang On
9. I Just Wanna Rock And Roll