Frank Sinatra - September Of My Years [2 FOR £22] (LP)

September Of My Years [2 FOR £22]
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Continuing Frank Sinatra''€™s centennial year celebration ahead of his December 12 birthday, three classic 1965 Sinatra albums are being reissued on vinyl to commemorate their own 50th anniversaries. Along with A Man and His Music and Strangers in the Night, September of My Years marked a surge of popularity in his music, and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

1. The September Of My Years 
2. How Old Am I? 
3. Don't Wait Too Long 
4. It Gets Lonely Early 
5. This Is All I Ask 
6. Last Night When We Were Young 
7. The Man In The Looking Glass 
8. It Was A Very Good Year 
9. When The Wind Was Green 
10. Hello, Young Lovers 
11. I See It Now 
12. Once Upon A Time 
13. September Song 
14. This Is All I Ask 
15. How Old Am I?