James Blake - The Colour in Anything (LP)

The Colour in Anything
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The follow-up to 2013'€™s Mercury Prize-winning Overgrown, James Blake'€™s third studio album The Colour of Everything is finally available on vinyl!

Originally unveiled back in March, the record has been typically acclaimed by fans and critics alike, and features contributions from Justin Vernon and Frank Ocean, plus additional production work by Rick Rubin.

1. Radio Silence
2. Points
3. Love Me in Whatever Way
4. Timeless
5. F.O.R.E.V.E.R
6. Put That Away and Talk to Me
7. I Hope My Life (1-800 Mix)
8. Waves Know Shores
9. Choose Me
10. I Need a Forest Fire
11. Noise Above Our Heads
12. The Colour in Anything
13. My Willing Heart
14. Two Men Down
15. Modern Soul
16. Always
17. Meet You in the Maze