Abra - Princess (12" Single)

Not Currently Available
ABRA is an outlier. Moving around with her parents, she was born in New York and raised in South London, before eventually landing in Atlanta. Like her upbringing, ABRA'€™s music isn't specific to a place, a time, or a sound. Instead it'€™s a blend of influences, informed - but not defined - by its surroundings. Utilizing different components of Miami Freestyle and electro-funk 808s topped with her own airy R&B-tinged vocals, ABRA's voice and sounds are familiar, but uniquely contemporary.

Every note on the Princess EP is written, produced and performed by ABRA - often in the solitude of her bedroom closet. Moreover, it'€™s a bold new step for an artist who'€™s growing more accomplished every day, never compromising on her vision or artistic process.

1. Come 4 Me
2. Vegas
3. Crybaby
4. Big Boi (Feat. Tommy Genesis)
5. Pull Up
6. Thinking of U