Atmosphere - Fishing Blues (CD)

Fishing Blues
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As Atmosphere step into their 21st year, Slug and Ant show no signs of slowing, compromising or losing sight of their vision. Nor has time revealed any diminishing of the qualities that have brought them this far. After ending the previous year with a string of singles that led into 2016, they still have an abundance of music on the way, including their latest album, Fishing Blues - a collection of songs that both define and redefine the Atmosphere sound.

1. Like A Fire
2. Ringo
3. Besos
4. Pure Evil (feat. I.B.E)
5. Perfect
6. Seismic Waves
7. Next To You (feat. deM atlaS)
8. The Shit That We've Been Through
9. When The Lights Go Out (feat. DOOM & Kool Keith)
10. No Biggie
11. Everything
12. Chasing New York (feat. Aesop Rock)
13. Sugar
14. Fishing Blues (feat. The Grouch)
15. Won't Look Back (feat. Kim Manning)
16. Anybody That I've Known
17. Still Be Here
18. A Long Hello