Blackberry Smoke - The Whippoorwill (CD)

The Whippoorwill
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Released in 2012, The Whippoorwill was the third studio album from country rockers Blackberry Smoke. A popular draw, the record houses many tracks which have become fan favourites, and remain live staples to this day.

Before their Bonfire Night show at Newcastle's O2 Academy, the Atlanta band popped into Reflex for an in-store performance and signing session. Afterwards they kindly left us some additional items, including this CD, which has been signed by all five members.

1. Six Ways to Sunday
2. Pretty Little Lie
3. Everybody Knows She's Mine
4. One Horse Town
5. Ain't Much Left of Me
6. The Whippoorwill
7. Lucky Seven
8. Leave a Scar
9. Crimson Moon
10. Ain't Got the Blues
11. Sleeping Dogs
12. Shakin' Hands With the Holy Ghost
13. Up the Road