BaBa ZuLa - Do Not Obey (CD)

Do Not Obey
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BaBa ZuLa are the face of modern Turkish Music, blending the sound of electric saz, dub and traditional shamanistic rituals into a hypnotic urban psychedelia. Do NOT Obey, one of their strongest efforts to date, is a collection of songs of protest, caring, love and rock 'n'€™ roll, created in the hands of Istanbul's best psychedelic band of the 21st century.

1. Itaat etME
2. Baska Bir Alem
3. Gariplere Yer Yok
4. Ilk Askim
5. Sinek Koca
6. Ufaklik
7. Kucuk Kurbaga
8. Direnis Destani