Galactic Zoo Dossier # 10 (Indie Exclusive) (MAGAZINE)

Galactic Zoo Dossier # 10 (Indie Exclusive)
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After a four year wait the world'€™s greatest psychedelic underground, hand-drawn pro-zine is back!

Issue 10 of Galactic Zoo Dossier is subtitled The Interview Issue and features sixteen interviews with inimitable subjects such as Shirley Collins, Michael Chapman, Giorgio Gomelsky, Edgar Broughton, Arthur Brown and other legends of the blown mind. Of course, it wouldn'€™t be complete without a full set of Damaged Guitar Gods / Astral Folk Maidens trading cards (collect them all).

Also, this issue heralds a return to that zeitgeisty format originally included with early issues of €˜Galactic Zoo Dossier€™, a mixtape, on a real live cassette, compiling totally unreleased magical sounds by Bang, Comus, Edgar Broughton, Richard Pinhas, Judy Dyble, Michael Yonkers, Red Square, Peter Daltrey and Michael Chapman, amongst others.

This is the largest and most exciting issue yet - and it'€™s only available through independent stores such as ourselves!