Aparna Nancherla - Just Putting It Out There (CD)

Just Putting It Out There
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Aparna Nancherla is a prolific comedian known for her acerbic wit and self-deprecating style. The current writer for Late Show With Seth Meyers Nancherla'€™s first album is released here on Tig Notaro'€™s comedy imprint, Bentzen Ball Records.

1.Intro - Expectations
2.First Thing’s First
3.How Did We Get Here
4.Thoughts On Sustenance
5.Traveling Bird
6.I Bring Up The Weather
7.Clothes For Discussion
8.City Of Strangels
9.Blessed To Be Stressed
10.New Yawk City!
11.Work - Home Edition
12.Work - Office Edition
13.Almost Dating
14.Inner Monoluge