The Beach Boys - Endless Summer (LP)

Endless Summer
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Endless Summer is a compilation album by American rock band the Beach Boys, originally released in 1974, It features a collection of hits from the band's 1962–65 period.

1. Surfin' Safari (Mono)
2. Surfer Girl (Mono)
3. Catch A Wave
4. The Warmth Of The Sun (Mono)
5. Surfin' U.S.A. (Mono)
6. Be True To Your School (Mono)
7. Little Deuce Coupe (Mono)
8. In My Room (Mono)
9. Shut Down (Mono)
10. Fun, Fun, Fun

1. I Get Around (Mono)
2. Girls On The Beach
3. Wendy (Mono)
4. Let Him Run Wild (Mono)
5. Don't Worry Baby (Mono)
6. California Girls (Stereo)
7. Girl Don't Tell Me
8. Help Me, Rhonda
9. You're So Good To Me
10. All Summer Long