Anathema - A Natural Disaster [2 FOR £22] (LP)

A Natural Disaster [2 FOR £22]
Released in 2003, A Natural Disaster is the seventh album by the British rock band Anathema. It is the first album to feature the band''s original bassist Jamie Cavanagh, brother of band members Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh, who left Anathema prior to any release in 1991 and returned in 2001. It is also Daniel''s first album since his departure in 2002 (after the release of the previous album A Fine Day to Exit).

1. Harmonium 
2. Balance 
3. Closer
4. Are You There? 
5. Childhood Dream 
6. Pulled Under at 2000 Metres a Second 
7. A Natural Disaster 
8. Flying 
9. Electricity 
10. Violence