Foo Fighters - In Your Honor (LP)

In Your Honor
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Released in 2005, In Your Honor is Foo Fighters''€™ fifth studio album. A critical and commercial success, the double-LP is split into a pair of separate records; one electric and one acoustic, with hits Best of You, DOA and Cold Day in the Sun spread over the two.

1. In Your Honor 
2. No Way Back 
3. Best of You 
4. DOA 
5. Hell 
6. The Last Song
7. Free Me
8. Resolve
9. The Deepest Blues Are Black
10. End Over End
11. The Sign

1. Still 
2. What If I Do? 
3. Miracle 
4. Another Round 
5. Friend Of A Friend
6. Over And Out
7. On The Mend
8. Virginia Moon
9. Cold Day In The Sun
10. Razor