Ayreon - The Theater Equation (Blu-Ray)

The Theater Equation
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Ayreon are the progressive rock project of Dutch producer and multi-instrumentalist Arjen Lucassen. The Theater Equation is a new musical theatre production of fan-favourite album The Human Equation, recorded over the course of four sold-out nights at Nieuwe Luxor Theatre in Rotterdam. The performances include nearly the whole cast of the original album, including Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie.

1. Day One: Vigil
2. Day Two: Isolation
3. Day Three: Pain
4. Day Four: Mystery
5. Day Five: Voices
6. Reprise Pain 1
7. Day Six: Childhood
8. Day Seven: Hope
9. Day Eight: School
10. Reprise Childhood
11. Day Nine: Playground
12. Day Ten: Memories
13. Reprise Pain 2
14. Day Eleven: Love
15. Day Twelve: Trauma
16. Day Thirteen: Sign
17. Day Fourteen: Pride
18. Reprise Vigil
19. Day Fifteen: Betrayal
20. Reprise School
21. Day Sixteen: Loser
22. Day Seventeen: Accident?
23. Reprise Pain 3
24. Day Eighteen: Realization
25. Reprise Trauma
26. Day Nineteen: Disclosure
27. Day Twenty: Confrontation
28. Dream Sequencer System Offline