Alice Jones - Poor Strange Girl (CD)

Poor Strange Girl
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Following many successful years on the folk scene in various guises, with bands, duos, dance projects and session recordings Alice Jones is now stepping into the spotlight with her debut solo album.

Poor Strange Girl is an exciting and strikingly modern rendering of traditional material from both sides of the Atlantic, featuring songs researched and resourced from the fine collections of Frank Kidson, Frank and Anne Warner and Cecil Sharp, sitting alongside a few, more contemporary songs and a series of her own self-penned tunes.

1. Poor Strange Girl
2. Woody Knows Nothing
3. The Larkman/the Heron Tree
4. The Cruel Mother
5. Green Bushes
6. Wedding Mazurkas
7. Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
8. When I Am Far Away
9. Digerrpolskan/The Duhk Strut Reel
10. Adieu To Old England
11. The Castle By The Sea
12. Long Long Trail A-Winding