They Might Be Giants - Phone Power (CD)

Phone Power
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After an incredible year of creativity, posting 52 new songs over the course of 2015, They Might Be Giants and Idlewild Recordings are proud to announce the release of their new disc, Phone Power. Boasting 18 pop gems, Phone Power continues the all-killer, no-filler tradition of the band's current efforts.

1. Apophenia
2. I Love You For Psychological Reasons
3. To A Forest
4. I Am Alone
5. Say Nice Things About Detroit
6. Trouble Awful Devil Evil
7. Ecnalumba
8. Daylight
9. Sold My Mind To The Kremlin
10. It Said Something
11. Impossibly New
12. I'll Be Haunting You
13. Got Getting Up So Down
14. What Did I Do To You
15. Shape Shifter
16. Bills, Bills, Bills
17. Black Ops Alt
18. I Wasn't Listening