Afro Celt Sound System - The Source (LP)

The Source
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European and African based, globally-connected collective Afro Celt Sound System have been instrumental in fuelling that far-reaching approach. Over 20 years, they'€™ve found kindred spirits across international talent, and forged a reputation for exhilarating shows and an accomplished catalogue of albums, dating back to their 1996 debut, Volume 1: Sound Magic. As its title suggests, The Source summons the original Afro Celt energy and legacy, while simultaneously yielding fresh inspirations.

1. Calling In The Horses
2. Beware Soul Brother
3. The Magnificent Seven (Acss Meets Tdf)
4. Cascade
5. A Higher Love (Tune 'Monkswell Road' )
6. Honey Bee
7. Where Two Rivers Meet
8. Mansani Cissé/Tàladh
9. Child Of Wonder
10. Desert Billy (Tune 'The Balcony')
11. The Communicator
12. The Soul Of A Sister
13. Kalsi Breakbeat