Honey Radar - Blank Cartoon (Indie Exclusive) (CD)

Blank Cartoon (Indie Exclusive)
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Beginning as a solo project for musician Jason Henn, Honey Radar'€™s previous output could probably fill up a small pallet of cardboard boxes. His debut album topped out at a whopping 250 copies, leaving in its wake a steady trickle of CD-Rs and handmade, lathe-cut 7"€ EPs with release quantities of no greater than 50 apiece and often a great deal less.

Henn practices the stick-and-move philosophy of songwriting and on Blank Cartoon Honey Radar continues to emphasize the merits of short songs and intricate, homespun production, lasting just long enough to get lodged permanently in your head before the next one comes along.

1. Tones
2. Caterpillar
3. Crybaby Jail
4. Song for the Medical Mission Sisters
5. Bagpipe Jazz (Is Real)
6. Kiss the Peppermint President
7. Pan Music
8. Postcard Target
9. Scorpions Bought Me Breakfast
10. Beethoven DUI
11. Pinwheel
12. Fort Wayne Mermaids
13. The Man With a Rayon Acetate Throat
14. Sugar Helicopter
15. Champagne Rodeo
16. Coughing Cop
17. Sick Day #2
18. Jet Rope