Marvin Gaye - Stubborn Kind Of Fellow (LP)

Stubborn Kind Of Fellow
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Released as a single on 23 July 1962, Stubborn Kind of Fellow became Gaye''s first song to crack the Billboard Hot 100, eventually peaking at #46. It’s only fitting, then, that this classic provides the basis for this new compilation, which features 11 more of his best known and best loved tracks.

1. Stubborn Kind Of Fellow 
2. It Hurts Me Too 
3. Hitch Hike 
4. Hello There Angel 
5. Soldier’s Plea 
6. Taking My Time - Sandman 
7. I’m Yours, You’re Mine 
8. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 
9. Never Let You Go 
10. My Funny Valentine 
11. Witchcraft 
12. (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over