Buffalo Summer - Second Sun (LP)

Second Sun
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Proudly proclaiming that they "€œbring the soul from the coal,"€ Welshmen Buffalo Summer bristle with the warm, rich old-school tones of groups such as Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Jack White and Deep Purple. Their sophomore album Second Sun is a bubbling-fresh selection of true rock ‘n roll songs produced by Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees, R.E.M, Queens of The Stone Age, Walking Papers).

1. Money
2. Heartbreakin' Floorshakin'
3. Make You Mine
4. Neverend
5. As High As The Pines
6. Light Of The Sun
7. Levitate
8. Into Your Head
9. Little Charles
10. Priscilla
11. Bird On A Wire
12. Water To Wine