Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Like Water Through the Sand (Indie Exclusive) (CD)

Like Water Through the Sand (Indie Exclusive)
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Like Water Through the Sand is the stunning debut album from award-winning French pianist/ composer Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, and introduces a striking new voice in the modern classical genre.

A collection of new compositions meshing piano, string quartet and electronics, the album is a wide-ranging yet cohesive collection, showcasing an immediately evident sense of class in the quality of the instrumental playing and the beautifully nuanced sound design, marshalled masterfully throughout by its creator. Shifting from solo piano pieces to stirring chamber pieces and foregrounding explorative electronic enhancements, the album is broad-ranged and playful yet cohesive and fully formed.

Available only through independent retailers such as ourselves, this special edition CD contains a bonus disc featuring four additional songs.

1. Minnesang
2. The Sum Of Our Flaws
3. Tulsi
4. Cotidal Lines
5. Hands Closed Together
6. Vestiges
7. Persephone
8. Scale Of Volatility
9. Six Of Swords
10. Sublimation
11. Strelka

1. Silver Skies
2. Motion
3. Scale Of Volatility Piano Solo
4. Don’t Disappear