Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid (LP)

The Impossible Kid
Not Currently Available
Indie-rap mainstay Aesop Rock'€™s new album, The Impossible Kid, marks his first solo venture since 2012'€™s Skelethon. Like Skelethon, Aesop exercised complete creative control over every aspect of the album, from the production (which he handled himself, with instrumental help from Philly'€™s Grimace Foundation) to conceptualizing the cover art by his friend Alex Pardee.

1. Mystery Fish
2. Rings
3. Lotta Years
4. Dorks
5. Rabies
6. Supercell
7. Blood Sandwich
8. Get Out of the Car
9. Shrunk
10. Kirby
11. TUFF
12. Lazy Eye
13. Defender
14. Water Tower
15. Molecules