9Bach - Anian (CD)

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9Bach made their name by taking traditional Welsh folk songs and recasting them onto a spectral and haunting sound canvas. Their 2014 album Tincian was the worthy winner of the coveted Best Album in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2015.

New album Anian, whilst influenced by the Welsh traditions, comes from an altogether more anarchic place - calling for change, questioning the world and the role we play, how we treat animals and disregard nature. Darker in themes but not without a sense of hope, its ethereal Welsh language vocals shimmer alongside harp, swamp guitar, dub beats and a pounding rhythm section.

This double-CD package includes the companion disc In Dy Lais/In Your Voice, where writers, actors, poets and singers give their own interpretations of the songs as a way to convey the meaning to a non-Welsh speaking audience.

1.Llyn Du
3.Yr Olaf
5.Si Hwi Hwi
10.Ambell Hiraeth
11.Breuddwyd y Bardd