Benjamin Biolay - Palermo Hollywood (LP)

Palermo Hollywood
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A reflection of recent wanderings, Benjamin Biolay'€™s first album of original songs since 2012 returned from in his luggage from Palermo, Argentina. The record was designed between two cities and two hemispheres, a juxtaposition where Ennio Morricone intersects with French ballads, via neo cumbia, lyricism and big band, Latin percussion and electric bandoneon.

1. Palermo Hollywood
2. Miss Miss
3. Borges Futbol Club
4. Palermo Queens
5. La débandade
6. Ressources humaines
7. Tendresse année zéro
8. Palermo Spleen
9. La Noche Ya No Existe
10. Palermo Soho
11. Pas sommeil
12. Pas d'ici
13. Yokoonomatopea
14. Ballade française