Bill Hicks - Rant in E-Minor: Variations (CD)

Rant in E-Minor: Variations
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Rant In E-Minor: Variations is Bill Hicks'€™ most brilliant album in its raw form with no music interludes. The original release was compiled from multiple shows in Austin, Texas and this version is one of those evenings, October 24th, 1993. It contains Hicks' classic material, never-before-heard bits, and some new twists on some of everyone'€™s favourites.

1. Bill Takes Stage
2. Fevered Egos
3. Dance Clubs
4. Homosexuality
5. People Suck
6. Pro-Lifers And Non-Smokers
7. Started Smoking Again
8. Hendrix Was An Alien
9. Let's Do Some Comedy
10. Keith Richards And The Ledge Beyond The Edge
11. Hendrix Language
12. Musicians Who Are Dead
13. LA City Of Hell
14. I've Smoked A Lot
15. Australia
16. Easter
17. Gideons
18. Gifts of Forgiveness
19. Riff On Comedy, Dick Jokes, And Plastic Plants
20. When Jesus Comes Back
21. Confession Time (Cops)
22. Wax Dart
23. I'm Talking To The Women Here
24. Pussywhipped Satan
25. Rebirthing
26. Rush Limbaugh

1. Glass Of Water
2. Waco Koresh
3. One Of The Boys (Clinton)
4. The Elite
5. Car Bombs And Cowards
6. Time To Evolve (More Dick Jokes Are Coming)
7. Deficit Jesse Helms
8. Alcohol Kills/Pot Is Better/A Job Has Been Created
9. A Better World (Are You Cool With That?)
10. Everything They Tell You About Pot Is A Lie (Play the Sitar)
11. Sacrifices
12. Carrot Top And Gallagher
13. Artistic Roll Call
14. Save Willie
15. Can't Breathe Out Of My Right Lung
16. Bradley Tanks Knocking Down Catholic Churches
17. The Pope
18. Childbirth Is Not A Miracle
19. People Who Hate People
20. Philosophical Discussion With A Christian
21. Childbirth Is Not Natural (Back To The Garden)
22. It's Women (Women)
23. Guys Don't Want Children
24. Your Children Are Not Special (Grey Gym Sock)
25. Welcome To Comedy