Barclay James Harvest - Caught in the Light (Deluxe) (CD)

Caught in the Light (Deluxe)
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Featuring excellent material such as Who Do We Think We Are?, A Matter of Time, Knoydart, Back to Earth and Ballad of Denshaw Mill, this new edition of Barclay James Harvest's Caught in the Light also includes the full version of Forever Yesterday and a bonus track of the rare German promotional edit of Who Do We Think We Are?

The new edition also includes a bonus CD of unreleased live material recorded at the band'€™s 25th Anniversary concert at the Town & Country Club, London on 16th February 1992.

1. Who Do We Think We Are
2. Knoydart
3. Copii Romania
4. Back To Earth
5. Cold War
6. Forever Yesterday (Long Version)
7. The Great Unknown
8. Spud U Like
9. Sliver Wings
10. Once More
11. A Matter Of Time
12. Ballad Of Denshaw Mill
13. Who Do We Think We Are

1. Life Is For Living
2. John Lennon's Guitar
3. Crazy City
4. Suicide?
5. Rock 'N' Roll Lady
6. Berlin
7. Poor Man's Moody Blues
8. Stand Up
9. Shadows On The Sky
10. Hymn