Doogie Horner - A Delicate Man (CD)

A Delicate Man
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Doogie Horner; comedian, writer, and artist, riffs on sex buffets, small hats, and dollar pizza on his debut comedy album, A Delicate Man, which he closes with the best eagle joke you'll ever hear.

1.Introduction/my hometown
2.Cheese Hater
3.Chock Full O' Nuts
4.Allergic to Life
7.A Delicate Man
8.Not a Joke
9.Sex Buffet
11.Your Baby is a Tangelo
12.Small Hats
13.Dollar Pizza
14.The Handsomest Boy
15.The Other Bethlehem
16.Art School
17.Creative Writing
18.Police Sketch Artist
19.Reclining Nude with Grapes
20.Long Haul Trucker Poetry Slam
22.The Eagle Joke
23.Jelly and Jam
24.Thank you, Goodnight