Hammock - Everything and Nothing (CD)

Everything and Nothing
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Hammock are back with Everything and Nothing, the Nashville duo's first full-length album since 2013's critically-acclaimed Oblivion Hymns. The record finds the pair entering a place of personal struggle, doubt, and change, and emerging on the other side with messages of hope. The experience is meticulously woven into each song, shared with listeners through intricate melodies, punchy beats, and solemn vocals.

1. Turn Away And Return
2. Clarity
3. Glassy Blue
4. Dissonance
5. Marathon Boy
6. We Could Have Been Beautiful Again
7. Everything And Nothing
8. She Was In The Field Counting Star
9. Burning Down The Fascination
10. Wasted We Stared At The Ceiling
11. Reverence
12. I Will Become The Ground You Walk On
13. We Were So Young
14. You Walk Around Shining Like The Sun
15. Unspoken
16. Before You Float Away Into Nothing