Black Mountain - IV (LP)

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The rock canon has many anti-heroes, Black Mountain being the latest. In the past, Can'€™s Tago Mago established that the only rule in rock and roll is that there are no rules. Pink Floyd'€™s prodigious output in the '€˜70s showed us that architecture can be cool, while Black Sabbath demonstrated that you can make a lot from not that much. Now, Black Mountain teach us that you don'€™t have to be afraid of the past to move bravely into the future, defining what it is to be a classic rock band in the new millennium.

After six years away, Black Mountain have now returned with what some might call their definitive album. IV is an unapologetically ambitious record made by a group of musicians who are at the peak of their powers.

1. Mothers Of The Sun
2. Florian Saucer Attack
3. Defector
4. You Can Dream
5. Constellations
6. Line Them All Up
7. Cemetery Breeding
8. (Over And Over) The Chain
9. Crucify Me
10. Space To Bakersfield