Frank Turner - England Keep My Bones (LP)

England Keep My Bones
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Released in 2011. England Keep My Bones is Frank Turner's fourth studio album, and to date remains his most commercially successful. The record spawned the hit singles If Ever I Stray, I Still Believe and Wessex Boy all of which remains mainstays in his live show.

It was the success of this breakthrough album that lead to Turner headlining and selling out Wembley Arena in April 2012 - and brought him to the attention of one Mr Danny Boyle who then hand-picked him for his stunning London 2012 Opening Ceremony.

1. Eulogy
2. Peggy Sang The Blues
3. I Still Believe
4. Rivers
5. I Am Disappeared
6. English Curse
7. One Foot Before The Other
8. If Ever I Stray
9. Wessex Boy
10. Nights Become Day
11. Redemption
12. Glory Hallelujah