The Magnetic North - Prospect Of Skelmersdale (CD)

Prospect Of Skelmersdale
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The Magnetic North'€™s latest album is a collection of songs based around the town of Skelmersdale in Lancashire. Inspired by works such as Ken Loach'€™s Kes and Ted Hughes'€™ Remains of Elmet - Prospect Of Skelmersdale is a musical reflection of the town, its past and its continually developing present. It draws on childhood memories, the urban landscape and the lives of its inhabitants, uncovering the beauty, magic and mythology that can be found in the most unexpected places.

Available exclusively through independent stores such as ourselves, this limited edition CD features a bonus disc of live material

1. Jai Guru Dev
2. Pennylands
3. A Death In The Woods
4. Sandy Lane
5. Signs
6. Little Jerusalem
7. Remains Of Elmer
8. Cergy Pontoise
9. Exit
10. The Silver Birch
11. Northway/Southway
12. Run Of The Mill

1. Stromness (Live From Orkney 2012)
2. Betty Corrigall (Live In Berlin 2012)
3. The Black Craig (Live In Berlin 2012)
4. Netherton's Teeth (Live Session 2012)
5. Rackwick (Live in Berlin 2012)
6. Warbeth (Live in Berlin 2012)
7. Hoy Sound (Live In Berlin 2012)