Various Artists - Graeme Park Presents Long Live House Volume 01: 1980s (LP)

Graeme Park Presents Long Live House Volume 01: 1980s
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World famous club DJ, radio presenter and musician Graeme Park curates this special release celebrating the heady days of house, returning to the Hacienda'€™s heyday with a selection of the finest mixes that helped launch the legend 30 years ago. The collection features tracks from JM Silk, Chip E, The Beat Club, Full House and many more!

- 2LP

1. Music Is the Key (House Key) - JM Silk
2. If You Only Knew (If You Dance Club Mix) - Chip E
3. Bounce Your Body to the Box (Power Hit Extended Mix) - Reese & Santonio
4. SUBMIT (To the Beat) [New Remix] - Groove
5. Definition of a Track - Precious
6. Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out (Here It Comes) [Steve Hurley House Mix] - Roberta Flack
7. Who Needs a Love Like That (Groove Remix) - Cut The Q
8. The Groove That Won't Stop - Kevin Saunderson
9. Let's Go (Don't You Want Some More?) [Fast Mix Eddie] - Fast Eddie
10. Do the Do (Do the Flutes) [Club 12'' Mix] - Marshall Jefferson Presents Dancing Flutes
11. I'm in Love (Conservative Version) - Sha-Lor
12. In the Mix - Mix Masters
13. Security (Midnight Club Mix) - The Beat Club
14. Acid Thunder (Smooth Thunder) [Joe Smooth Mix] - Fast Eddie
15. Jack the Groove - Raze
16. Don't Wanna Go (Mike Dunn's Vocal Mix) - Sterling Void