Betty Boo - Grrr! It's Betty Boo (Deluxe) (CD)

Grrr! It's Betty Boo (Deluxe)
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24 years after its original release, Betty Boo'€™s second album Grrr! It'€™s Betty Boo is getting a two-disc deluxe reissue. Supplementing the album itself - which spawned three UK singles - the bonus disc features 20 related additional tracks, all sourced from the original master tapes.

1. I'm On My Way
2. Thing Goin' On
3. Hangover
4. Curly & Girly
5. Wish You Were Here
6. Let Me Take You here
7. Gave You The Boo
8. Skin Tight
9. Catch Me
10. Close The Door
11. Jet Sex (7'' Version)
12. Platform Shoe Shuffle (Edit)
13. I'm On My Way (Thumpin' Dub)
14. Let Me Take You There (Ubiquity Mix)
15. Hangover (Sunday Morning Remix)
16. Thing Goin' On (MK Radio Remix)
17. Catch Me (12'' Version)

1. Let Me Take You There (12'' Mix)
2. I'm On My Way (The Batman And Robin Mix))
3. Hangover (12'' Mix)
4. Thing Goin' On (MK Club Mix)
5. Catch Me
6. Jet Sex (12'' Version)
7. Platform Shoe Shuffle
8. Let Me Take You There (Away Mix)
9. I'm On My Way (Boo Choons)
10. Hangover (Saturday Night Remix)
11. Catch Me (London Underground Mix)
12. Thing Goin' On (MK Underground Mix)
13. Let Me Take You There (Take U There Mix)