Jacco Gardner - Somnium [Purple Vinyl] (LP)

Somnium [Purple Vinyl]
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Jacco Gardner has been known to create swirling psychedelic pop boosted by his rich, resonate and baroque voice. On his third album, however, his vocals are gone - and in their place is an equally seamless melodic exploration but an instrumental one, with a synthesized occult edge.

Somnium is a nod to the novel of the same name, written in 1608 by Johannes Kepler and regarded as the first ever science fiction novel. "€œThis book fascinates me because it was basically Kepler travelling in his mind to a non-existent world while describing it, and his journey, with amazing detail."

This form of mind travel is what Jacco has set out to create in a sonic, almost alchemic, capacity - hence the reason for his vocals being left out of this spiritual journey. "€œI deliberately removed my voice from the experience, as it made it more difficult for me to achieve the intended state of mind. I think it makes the journey more interesting, more deep, and more intimate. I didn'€™t feel the need to show my face while one drifts away into thought. Somnium is a visionary experience. The album is more than just a trip, it is about contact with a deeper - hidden - reality."

This limited edition LP format is pressed on purple coloured vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Purple vinyl


1. Rising
2. Volva
3. Langragian Point
4. Past Navigator
5. Levania
6. Eclipse
7. Utopos
8. Rain
9. Privolva
10. Pale Blue Dot
11. Descent
12. Somnium