Fews - Into Red [Red Vinyl] (LP)

Into Red [Red Vinyl]
Due on 01/03/2019
After their initial eight-minute sonic rollercoaster ILL on Dan Carey'€™s Speedy Wunderground imprint and their subsequent debut album Means, FEWS return with a brand new 10-track studio outing, Into Red.

Following extensive touring throughout 2016-17, including two tour runs as special guests of Pixies, the Anglo-American-Swedish quartet retired to Malmö with the Swedish city'€™s underbelly providing the perfect environment for unfettered artistic endeavours and the subsequent album recording. Co-produced by Joakim Lindberg (Hater) and mixed by James Dring, Into Red sees FEWS extricating their influences to reveal a band assuredly moving on from the template of Means with a confident post-punk swagger and no little addition of muscular heft on the songwriting front.

This limited edition LP format is pressed on red coloured vinyl, and is only available through independent shops such as ourselves.

- LP
- Red vinyl
- 180g vinyl
- Includes download


1. Quiet
2. Paradiso
3. More Than Ever
4. Suppose
5. Limits
6. Business Man
7. 97
8. Anything Else
9. Over
10. Fiction