Fews - Into Red (CD)

Into Red
Due on 01/03/2019
After their initial eight-minute sonic rollercoaster ILL on Dan Carey'€™s Speedy Wunderground imprint and their subsequent debut album Means, FEWS return with a brand new 10-track studio outing, Into Red.

Following extensive touring throughout 2016-17, including two tour runs as special guests of Pixies, the Anglo-American-Swedish quartet retired to Malmö with the Swedish city'€™s underbelly providing the perfect environment for unfettered artistic endeavours and the subsequent album recording. Co-produced by Joakim Lindberg (Hater) and mixed by James Dring, Into Red sees FEWS extricating their influences to reveal a band assuredly moving on from the template of Means with a confident post-punk swagger and no little addition of muscular heft on the songwriting front.

- CD

1. Quiet
2. Paradiso
3. More Than Ever
4. Suppose
5. Limits
6. Business Man
7. 97
8. Anything Else
9. Over
10. Fiction