John Coltrane - European Tour 1961 [7CD] (CD Box Set)

European Tour 1961 [7CD]
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The French Le Chant du Monde label release a newly packaged version of the most complete set so far of John Coltrane'€™s much-bootlegged 1961 European Tour.

The set contains all extant material from the shows in Paris, Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm and also includes (unlike other sets on the market) the 27th November Stuttgart and 2nd December Berlin gigs. As a further bonus, a set from Coltrane'€™s first visit to Europe, as a member of the Miles Davis Quintet, has been added (Dusseldorf, March 1960).

Sound quality is not always pristine on these recordings but they stand as historical artefacts of one of the greatest musicians of the century, of any genre and, as such, are essential. More'€™s the pity then that the sleeve notes are in French only but the music speaks for itself.

- 7CD
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